Here are links to current research projects happening within the lab. If you're interested in being involved in any of these projects as either a student or a collaborator, be sure to get in touch.

Spatial cognition and foraging ecology

  This research project has used both noisy miners (left) and rainbow lorikeets (right) to investigate how the cognitive mechanisms underlying foraging behaviour (especially those relating to spatial cognition) are adapted to the distribution of the resources being foraged.  Click on the images above to see how these projects are progressing. 

Human attractiveness and mate-choice behaviour

 This line of research has received a bunch of media attention so far.  At the moment we are focusing on the way people might try to behaviourally manipulate their attractiveness to the opposite sex.  Click on the image above to see how this project is progressing.

 In the near future I hope to broaden this project to include investigations into a wider variety of human mate-choice and sexual behaviours. Watch this space for more updates.

Adaptive allocation of visual attention

This project began by re-examining the now somewhat classic finding that people allocated visual attention preferentially to threatening stimuli (such as pictures of spiders) over non-threatening stimuli (such as flowers, for example). It is has since expanded to explore the allocation of visual attention in a variety of contexts. Click on the image above to see how this project is progressing.